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​3月の作品 at Aumu「美は細に宿る」

My work at Aumu Exhibition on March

名古屋・大須のアロマ専門店「Aumu」にて開催中の個展「美は細に宿る」at Aumuに、3月の作品「Birth」を展示しました。


March work - Birth - is exhibited at the solo exhibition "Beauty is in the details" at Aumu, an aroma specialty store in Osu, Nagoya.

Using iris as a material, the curvaceous beauty of its stem is expressed in this homage to Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus.


展示作品を販売します(Exhibited work will be sold.) 作品は四つ切サイズ。8,000円(額装済)。Aumuにてお買い求めください。 詳しくは、doc.ohashi@mbr.nifty.comまで This work is photograph size 254mm x 305 mm, 8,000 yen (Already framed) , which is sold at Aumu. For more information, please contact

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