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2023 MUSE Photography Awardsでプラチナ賞受賞

Platinum Winner in New York Photography Awards

2023 MUSE Photography Awards 2022でプラチナ賞(カテゴリ毎の最高賞)を受賞しました。

受賞作品は、「Fascinating Ladies(魅惑の女(ひと))」という5枚シリーズの作品で、チューリップの葉っぱを抽象化し女性の美しさを表現したもの。今年の2月に行ったクラブ展に出展した作品です。


The winning work is a series of five pieces titled "Fascinating Ladies," which expresses the beauty of women by abstracting tulip leaves. This work was exhibited in the club exhibition held in February of this year.

To view the award-winning works, please click here.

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