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​写真クラブf episode 4へ出展

Exhibition at Photo Club f episode 4

2023年1月31日~2月5日まで、愛知県芸術文化センター アートスペースGで行われる、写真クラブfの写真展episode4に出展します。



I will exhibit my work in the Photo Club f's photo exhibition episode 4 at the Aichi Arts Center Art Space G from January 31 to February 5, 2023.


I will be exhibiting a series of 5 macro works with tulips as the motif.

The works will be based on tulips, especially the characteristic curves of their leaves, and will depict the female form that is sometimes graceful, sometimes bewitching, sexy, gentle, dignified, and delicate.


作品を販売します(Works will be sold.) 作品は半切サイズ。スクエアの額に額装したものをお渡しします。一作品15,000円(送料別)。 詳しくは、doc.ohashi@mbr.nifty.comまでお問い合わせください。 Works are half-size. You will receive the work framed in a square frame. 15,000 yen per work (excluding postage). For more information, please contact

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